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Northward view from the Nashwaak Train Bridge

Another 35 km puts me in the small community of Porquis Junction. Forty years ago, a friend and I were trying to hitchhike from Kapuskasing to Toronto, however we started out a tad late. We made it to Porquis Junction by late afternoon and decided to purchase train tickets from there to Toronto. We had some time to kill so we entered the “Canada House”, a  local tavern near the train station. We met some local regulars and proceeded to win several beers while playing pool and shuffleboard against them. They claimed that they rarely lose, however we bought them a round of beers just for being such good sports. We hopped onto the train and went directly to the bar car and had a great time all the way to North Bay. We hopped off in North Bay and purchased tickets to Toronto. When we arrived in Toronto, we cashed in the portion from Porquis Junction to North Bay because the train conductor hadn’t collected our tickets. Free Ride (188)


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