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Hello and welcome to my blog site apply named Kaporbust. My name is George Jeffery and this blog was created to chart my daily walking, skating and cycling distances. These daily distances would be cumulatively added to enable me to go from Fredericton to Kapuskasing and return, then back again to Kapuskasing before the Kapuskasing Reunion in July 2011. If successful, the total distance would be 5555 km(the equivalent distance between Fredericton NB and Kelowna BC). This trek began in September 2010 with a 10 km walk in the Terry Fox Run and 25 km cycle ride. (210)


Posted April 19, 2011 by remilake

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  1. This blog was started just before I had charted enough distance in my daily walking, skating and/or cycling to complete the Frerericton to Kapuskasing and return portion of this trek. All that remained was to get back to Kapuskasing before the end of June 2011.

  2. I am following on another site, good luck and congratulations on your effort George.

    eva chmelik costolloe
  3. Congratulations on your effort George, I am following you on another site. Good Luck.

    eva chmelik costolloe
  4. Also note at the end of each message, there is a number in brackets. That number is roughly what my weight at the time of posting.

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