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The Message   Leave a comment

With my cycling bud Joe

Ten years ago, I weighed 255 pounds(Type 11 diabetes) and was wallowing in self pity. Slowly but surely especially in the last three years, I’ve managed to trim 70 pounds mostly by bicycle riding and tweeking my food intake. I’ve had a lot of help along the path of recovery, especially my spouse Debbie, my son Sam and my cycle mate and good friend Joe. So my message is simple…If you don’t like where you are right now…you can do something about it…hey if I can do it, anyone can!!! (185)


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In the afterglow   Leave a comment

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Made it to the Model Town of the North   Leave a comment

Satisfaction smile in completing the trek

 The model town comes complete with a circle and a park nearby. The Kapuskasing Inn may be gone now but the memories live on. The Kapuskasing Reunion is just around the corner so let’s relax and enjoy the big party. (185)

Three albums formed the pillars of the coffee house known as “The Hovel”. Crosby,Stills & Nash…Music from Big Pink…and Green River

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Into the heart of the “Drunken Forests of Northern Ontario”   Leave a comment

My good buddy Joe and I

Slid into Fauquier from the smooth this afternoon on the third of the last four legs of my trek. My friend Joe has motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle.  I’m also inspired by(my better half)Debbie and of course our nomadic son sam. (185)

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Smooth on in   Leave a comment

A rare sighting, riding the bicycle without a helmet

Another 30 Kms brings me to just past Smooth Rock Falls…still have a few friends left in the smooth…a good friend of mine was married in the smooth. (185)

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Drifting along in Driftwood   Leave a comment

View from Burton Bridge

The first of four legs of 30km each to get to Kapuskasing leaves me in Driftwood. Had to add the best lyrical song of all time(186)

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Another important junction at Cochrane ON   Leave a comment

Nashwaak River

Another 50km of cycling brings me to the town of Cochrane ON. Cochrane is also the birth place of Tim Horton, who was  a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player before starting the infamous coffee and donut shop. The choice here is to go to the north towards Moosonee or northwest towards Kapuskasing. If you’re going on the “Polar Bear Express” then you have to change trains here and head towards Moosonee. Thankfully I never made that choice and stayed on my route home to Kapuskasing.(188)

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