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Northward view from the Nashwaak Train Bridge

Another 35 km puts me in the small community of Porquis Junction. Forty years ago, a friend and I were trying to hitchhike from Kapuskasing to Toronto, however we started out a tad late. We made it to Porquis Junction by late afternoon and decided to purchase train tickets from there to Toronto. We had some time to kill so we entered the “Canada House”, a  local tavern near the train station. We met some local regulars and proceeded to win several beers while playing pool and shuffleboard against them. They claimed that they rarely lose, however we bought them a round of beers just for being such good sports. We hopped onto the train and went directly to the bar car and had a great time all the way to North Bay. We hopped off in North Bay and purchased tickets to Toronto. When we arrived in Toronto, we cashed in the portion from Porquis Junction to North Bay because the train conductor hadn’t collected our tickets. Free Ride (188)


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Important Junction to the Boreal Forest   2 comments

View of the Burton bridge near Oromocto

Another 75 km brings me to the town of Matheson. The junction of highway 101 and highway 11 allows one to go towards Timmins or head up north for Cochrane and Kapuskasing. Of course, I’m going to choose the northern route. Hello Donna as I’m passing by. (187)

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Looking westward down the St. John River from the Burton Bridge

A slight diversion into Kirkland Lake(while still heading north) brings to the place of birth. The actual community that I lived in was Kearns which is east of Kirkland Lake, towards the Quebec border. The small town of Kearns was our home until the summer of 1965, when we moved northward to Kapuskasing. This was a great place to grow up in, everyplace in the community began with “THE”. Our summers  were filled with activities ranging from fishing, hiking, softball and blueberry picking on “Baldy”. Winters were mostly hockey either at the natural rink or on the street outside our house. (190)

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Right into the heart of farming country in Northern Ontario   Leave a comment

One of the many views of the St John River

Englehart was the community where my mom’s side of her family grew up. Our family used to visit there often in the summer as we were growing up. I will always have fond memories of this community. Still have a few relatives left there and will likely stop for a visit on our way to Kapuskasing…(189)

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Sunset on the Nashwaak River

Another 48 km brings me close to the community of Cobalt ON. There is a church summer camp(Camp Lorraine) close to this community that my brother Reg and I went to as young teens…(192)

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In the pines…in the pines   Leave a comment

Converted train bridge that crosses the Nashwaak River

The cycling today brings me 2km south of Temagami…zipped by Martin River…up through white pine country…(195)

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Holding Steady…Straight On   2 comments

Just a couple of walks to 18kms…(199)

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